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35 Years ago we had the "dumb luck" of getting to know a couple developers in Heber Springs.
Little did we realize that the few of us who started "Wildflower" on the banks of "The Little Red River", would it grow into one of the premier areas to live.
We thought we were out of our minds....buying raw acreage and building our home.Few years later we bought more adjoining property and still hold it as we do not want neighbors.
The crystal clear river is behind the home, a pond at end of driveway and "Greers Ferry Lake" is upriver. We feed Deer, Turkey, Fox, River Otters and seen a few Coyotes run through!
Wonderful to have the space but upkeep is rough, at times.

"Sugar" is our oldest at 5 Years. We found out she was deaf shortly after bringing her home. Some "Whites" lose their hearing shortly after birth. Because of her lose, she is extremely visual! Loves to watch TV and we had her own TV/DVD built in coach so she can enjoy her "Cat Videos" while we are away from the coach. She has 5 toes and her Brother (below) has 7 !! Called Polydactyls. Sugar passed from kidney failure in April ’17..... a HUGE loss to us.

"Mr Big" is our 5 year Old Seal Point. He has 7 toes, enjoys life and loves people. His White & Apricot coat is like fur. "Gus" is our Big Grey Boy that decided to live with us as he did not like a neighbors Boy Friends Dog! Too is the long one....but fluffy.Of course.....Cynthia showed him all the things he could enjoy here, better food, cat toys, cat trees and has claimed his own chair. So he's a very smart Cat!We lost ‘GUS” in March ’17...had the same “mass” the LSU Tiger had and we took him to the LSU Vet School.....Wonderful facility.... and he lasted few more weeks. “GUS” had his own ottoman, sat next to Steve driving coach, loved Popeyes Chicken and loved everyone he met.

BellaTerra- Private Park,

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Pensacola Beach Out the Front Window on Beach

steve and cynthia ectonWhen We Tourn. WaterskiedMarks JetOur Son & Wife.....Must be nice?

We enjoy our coach! Of course "The Cats" are more at home in it than we are.
They have traveled with us to some great places.....Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Florida, Destin,Hilton Head, and the East and West Coast Shorelines.
A LOT of great places to stay, visit and friends to meet "on the road". Have had plenty of good times and wonderful trips with longtime friends. Quite an easy way to travel.......and will have one till can't possibly do any longer!
Quad Slide, 45 ft., Cummins Turdo Diesel, Air Ride, Road King Shocks, In Motion Satellite, 4 LCD Tvs, GPS, Select Comfort King Bed,Full Body Paint.
As Pres.of RV Chapter , and Board Member of FMCA, allows us to travel with friends to rallies.
Also allows one to have "their own stuff" and bath with them all the time. Enjoy the "lifestyle" of NO set schedule.